Monday, April 29, 2013

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Blog

Chapter 8 I felt was a very useful chapter as a teacher and for what we are doing in this course.   It was good that it talked about how elearning and the benefits of it for students include ELL students.  Of course with anything it had its disadvantages as well.  Some of the benefits I liked were about interaction as it gives a chance as it said for shy learners to participate.  Also, the benefit of anonymity and equity for the students.  It gives a chance for all students even ones with physical disabilities to being to participate in the classroom.  The disadvantage that stood out to me was that teachers might experience technical problems.  Another disadvantage was that a teacher might find it difficult to meet all the needs of the students and their learning styles.  The chapter then goes into different elearning tools that are useful as teachers.  It showed a few and I think the podcast is a cool way for teachers to express lessons and it gives a student a chance to listen at there on pace.  All in all this was a good chapter that showed a lot of ways to interact with distance and students in the classroom.

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