Monday, February 25, 2013

Reflections of Chapter 5 & 7

Reading chapter five was all about creativity.   The chapter made me thinks of how I want to be creative in my classroom.  The more creative you are than maybe it will keep the student’s attention and have them retaining the information.    I also liked how the chapter gives you four guidelines to follow to make your classroom have creativity opportunities.  One part that stood out was about you must “feed the senses”.  This is a good way to think of how you prepare your lesson.  Does it include trying to use all the student’s senses?  Teaching seems more effective if you can connect with all the senses.  Chapter seven was about production where the students create a product focused on learning.    This according to the chapter is just one type of learning where as a teacher will get to see an actual end result.  This would be working on a project to build and learn about something.  I thought the section on benefits were useful.  It is good in this type of learning for the students to be able to have responsibility for their own learning.  They have to plan and decide what they or their group are going to do to produce their product as a PowerPoint.  Both chapters go hand in hand with trying to be creative when trying to produce a product.

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